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As a girl in Finland, Maaria drew
angels. Now after 60 years,
Maaria’s Angels are reborn
as a fabric in Kyoto, Japan.


When Maaria was a 4-year old girl with pigtails, she was watching her mother, Rut Bryk, a well known Finnish ceramic artist, drawing butterfly wallpaper at the other end of the table. As it was Christmas time, Maaria started to draw angels. Soon her angels were printed as wallpaper. Her pattern has remained popular for years.
Now after 60 years, Maaria’s angels are reborn as a fabric.


Born in Helsinki, Finland in 1954, Maaria Wirkkala is a contemporary artist. Her works range from installations to urban projects.
Her works have been exhibited around the world, notably at the Venice Biennale in Italy and the Istanbul Biennale in Turkey. Since 2003 she has participated several art festivals in Japan, including Echigo-Tsumari Triennale, Yokohama Triennale, and Setouchi International Art Festival. Her work has also been featured at the Northern Alps International Art Festival.
MaAria’s mother
Rut Bryk1916 – 1999
Rut Bryk was one of the central figures in twentieth-century Finnish art and design. She received formal training as a graphic artist but began work in the Arabia porcelain factory in 1942. She was a reformer of modern ceramic art. A traveling exhibit of her work, “Rut Bryk: Touch of a Butterfly” is currently on exhibit in Japan.
MaAria’s father
Tapio Wirkkala1916 – 1985
Tapio Wirkkala was one of the leading figures in modern Finnish applied art. He worked with different materials and in many countries. The work of Tapio Wirkkala covers a wide range, from household utensils to graphic design and abstract sculpture. His most famous glassware design, “Ultima Thule,” from 1968, is still produced by iittala.


A country of forests and lakes

Finland is a country of forests and lakes.
Over 80% of it land is covered by forests, lakes, and rivers. Life there is deeply intertwined with nature.
People are free to access forests and lakes all over Finland. Swimming in a lake in summer, foraging for berries and mushrooms in spring and fall, and ice fishing in winter are traditional forms of recreation.
Winter is long and tough, but summer is surprisingly beautiful, and those opposing faces of nature inspire great designs.



    Made out of pure cotton,
    use them for everyday life.
    Made in Kyoto.

    Protect yourself from strong
    sun light with angels.

    Very simple shape but adorable
    Angels gives you a smile.

    Go out with angels.
    They promise you a happy day.


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